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Our Vision

Atlas Consulting's vision is to provide emerging companies with greater access to liquidity, capital, legitimacy, and transparency through participation in the public sector. .

Our Approach

Atlas Consulting aids your company in identifying and accomplishing the following goals:

-Identify Target Stock Exchange.

-Position Company for venture capital raises.

-Prepare Company for Regulatory Requirements.

-Form a cohesive go public plan with CPA/Attorney.

-Put in place a marketing and awareness strategy.

-Successfully conclude a IPO, Reverse Merger, or Qualifying Transaction onto a public exchange. 

Additional Services

Atlas Consulting's base service is providing companies assistance and an opportunity to take their companies public on a stock exchange at a reasonable price. Atlas believes in providing their clients a cohesive team capable of handling all aspects of the go public process, and skilled at working in a team environment. As a result, Atlas plans to provide the following additional services: 

Legal – Atlas will team with a Chicago based attorney to offer an additional optional package that provides applicable guidance on securities issues, and serves as liaison to the exchange and securities commissions.  

Marketing – Atlas has a deep bench of marketing experts and can offer a full suite of marketing and communication professional services that drive awareness and name recognition aimed at growth and support of the stock prior to and at completion of the IPO. Beyond the IPO, the Atlas team offers specialized skills in public relations, marketing communications and collateral, digital and social media, content creation, executive visibility, event management and sponsorship identification, evaluation and amplification.  

Accounting/Audit Support – Atlas will team with a Chicago based CPA to provide an additional optional package to provide accounting services and audit support aimed at preparing the company for public review.     

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