Atlas Consulting News

MAY 17, 2018


Atlas Consulting to Sponsor NIBA New York Conference

Atlas Consulting is proud to announce the sponsorship of the National Investment Banking Association Conference in New York July 16-17, 2018. Businesses are always looking to the next step and Atlas Consulting helps to deliver success. A crucial step for businesses is raising capital and increasing their profile in the industry and to investors. A cohesive union between Atlas Consulting and NIBA will allow for participants to find avenues to raise capital for their company and receive guidance for keeping those investors happy.

Atlas Consulting was formed to assist companies learn and embrace the next steps. Providing expertise in the “go public” realm through obtaining capital, increasing liquidity, regulatory filings, investor communications and exit strategies. Using a pay as you go method that shakes the industries typical high costs, Atlas Consulting will achieve the goals that you have for your company.

Contact Atlas Consulting at 833-874-7646 to schedule an appointment to discuss your company. 

National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) has been connecting companies with funding and liquidity sources since 1982. The New York Conference on July 16-17th, 2018 will be the 144th conference. NIBA conferences over a 37-year track record, have successfully completed thousands of transactions totaling over $15 billion in new capital for emerging growth companies and are responsible for 90% of all IPOs under $20 million. (